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30 July 2007
Digital Distribution

Now our release is available to buy on iTunes, Beatport and other good mp3 stores.

27 April 2007
«Ambient Terrorist» T-shirt

Today is the official date of release Sensiva — Giosun. In honor of this Artem Sensiva make this T-shirt:

For the purchase mail to info@sensotech.net.

23 April 2007

"...Sensiva has created a rich, moody and complex album; employing an array of sounds and techniques to produce an interesting and emotive listen..."
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26 March 2007
Sensiva — Giosun re-release.

I have good news for my international friends. Soon Giosun album will be available almost in every part of world as Arabesque Distribution planning to make international re-releases of this CD. The official date of release is 27 of April.

25 Desember 2006
Sensiva — Giosun in Top-10 2006.

By the end of the year 2006 Giosun by Sensiva got a lot of positive feedback from different part of world and reached Top-10 list of Pietro Da Sacco, a  Managing Editor of Igloomag.

14 February 2006
Sensiva — Giosun / first sensotech release.

I have a big passion to compose music since childhood and would like to represent my first serious work, a debut album of my project Sensiva. After a few unsuccessful attempts to find appropriate record label I decide to release it for my own. So somehow Sensotech label was launched with my debut album called Giosun.

27 April 2007
Moon ambient. Disassociation of associations. Sensiva walks down the wet half-lit streets of Saint-Petersburg…

Sensotech is planning to release a compilation of electronic and electro-acoustic music. Tracks should be kept in Sense + Tech concept. Links of your tracks please mail to info@sensotech.net.

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